I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream When Plunging Facefirst into the Jungle

Thud. Zhhhhooooooom.

That, dear audience, is the terror-inducing audio that means you’ve just been dumped face-very first off of a tower into the jungle.

“Oh no… oooooh no…”

Which is the audio of me appropriate right before being pushed off a platform whilst desperately clinging to a bungee rope (followed in brief succession by a regular stream of expletives and quite a few situations of using the Lord’s identify in vain). 

Cancun bungee swing



I never wanna give also much away right here because it is type of a tour you have to have to encounter for oneself, but my Saturday at Selvatica was Astounding. I did matters I never ever believed I’d be courageous enough or powerful enough to consider. The environment was attractive with freshly-created zipline towers and a attractive hub place that basically took my breath away for half a 2nd. And the support was without the need of a question the greatest I have experienced anywhere… the personnel is evidently getting tons of entertaining, pulling pranks and joking around whilst nevertheless being skilled.


Selvatica jungle zipline
Cancun jungle tour
Selvatica Cancun


Irrespective of getting me totally terrified, my absolute favourite part of the day was the bungee swing! Photos just cannot do it justice, so here’s a the latest online video I observed on YouTube:


Shockingly, the most comforting part of the day was the Superman zipline, the swiftest in Latin The us, where by you pace face down around the jungle with your arms distribute out, reaching speeds of up to 85 kilometers for each hour.

Selvatica Superman zipline

I swear this is much, much better up than it seems to be, you guys.


Right after a morning of unlimited zipline entertaining, we did a Polaris experience as a result of the jungle then swam in a cenote. (I was also boring to bounce off the platform into the water, but nevertheless experienced a amazing time floating in the water!)

Jungle tour Cancun

Usual Cancun weekend.


This was the “Gimme All” deal at Selvatica where by you get to consider Everything (all ziplines, Polaris/ATV, cenote, cover wander, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some matters because I was happily fatigued by 3pm). In any case, if you’re a single of those ridiculous adrenaline experience-trying to find travelers, you should make sure to do a day at Selvatica on your future journey to Cancun! I’d say these are the most complicated and extensive ziplines in the full Cancun/Riviera Maya place, only for the courageous 🙂


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