La Habichuela Cancun – Not Just for Lovers

La Habichuela Cancun is a quite small restaurant concealed absent in centro, recognized for the intimate environment in the backyard with twinkling fairy lights and statues of Maya gods. It has constantly been my major advice for fans and honeymooners for a magical evening of amor. My to start with knowledge at La Habichuela oozed romance, I was in enjoy and the whole evening felt like I was floating as I stared into all those deep brown eyes even though sharing a CocoHabichuela. When that enjoy turned to dust and he broke my heart into very small small parts, I thought I would under no circumstances be able to return to “our” restaurant.

When I received the invitation to get pleasure from a meal at this restaurant complete of reminiscences, I approved as my “day” was going to be my good friend Kristin of What Am I Continue to Executing in Cancun. I knew I might experience some stress but the assure of good food and a whole great deal of “chisme” bought me enthusiastic to put on my large female panties, a dress and a smile.

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I met Kristin exterior the restaurant and we commenced blah blah blahing promptly. We entered the restaurant talking non-cease, examining out the aquarium of quite fishies briefly and generating our way to our backyard table. We ended up warmly welcomed (the staff members is PHENOMENAL), purchased up some mojitos and the conversation flowed.

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The appetizers arrived (scallop ceviche in tangerine and mint for me, what a treat!) and we experienced moved on from the fundamental “how are yous” to the dishy topics of lifetime that girlfriends are so good at. The entrees arrived and the gossip momentarily halted as we ooohed and aaaahed over the delightful plates in entrance of us. I experienced a wee flavor of Kristin’s tamarind shrimp (it was delish!) ahead of devouring my tender steak and shrimp brochette.

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We the two purchased the dwelling specialty dessert, the outrageously good Choco Chichen Itza and I understood that I hadn’t thought of romance, my damaged heart or my forever by yourself standing all night. The beautiful environment, wonderful cuisine and outstanding conversation was all I necessary and I overcame yet another hurdle in my recovery from heartbreak. 

La Habichuela has been reclaimed, it is no lengthier a spot that provokes melancholy reminiscences, I can as soon as once again get pleasure from the fairy lights and Mayan espresso! I will nonetheless recommend it as the most intimate location in Cancun, but now with no the bitter flavor of tears even though I do. Thank you to Kristin and La Habichuela for a great evening, superior than a month of psychotherapy! 

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