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Just a few of weeks ago we acquired a new incredible piece of tools, a Nauticam Housing for the Canon MarkIII , we are like children with a new toy, this is so Fascinating!!!

Very last saturday I was invited by a mate to go diving to Cozumel, considering the fact that I failed to have a marriage to shoot (sorry Mateo!) I imagined It was the fantastic prospect to “baptize” the new baby in the ocean.

My heart beats a lot quicker, my entire currently being feels in a state of trance though underwater… fortunately I had the greatest dive buddy I could talk to for and he was seeing over me, though I was mesmerized by the attractiveness and absolutely inmerse in finding out the new housing, enjoying with the flash and trying to seize the magic of the underworld.

We have use three various brand names so significantly in housings for our cameras, Nauticam is the greatest I have ever had in my palms.. I am smiling actually Large!!!

All pics by Sol

Image with my iphone 🙂

My incredible dive buddy Luis David


We did three dives, the very first one (and amaaazing!!) I failed to convey down the digital camera as I had’t dive in extra that six months and it was a deep dive with sturdy currents receiving in and out of caves.. so I was a little nervous about very first currently being able to have a good dive… I did wonderful… besides at the stop when I went up to quick… oops!! My dive buddy practically had a fireside attack… I managed to came back down to proceed the decompression…, I was ready to convey the digital camera to the second dive.

This is the most significant eel I have ever noticed…, it actually made me kick my fins actually quick (of study course right after using her photograph!)

See the blue male concealed.. I see you!!! 🙂

Soon after this incredible practical experience diving in the big blue waters of Cozumel, I promised my self to dive extra, It is one of the most magical encounters ever! I Appreciate Appreciate the underworld . SOL … mermaid from the fireside

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