4 bodies thrown on the highway

Ensenada: 4 Bodies uncovered on the highway

I battle to produce these “headlines” sometimes.  How can I express what happened, without having sensationalism, but without having bland casualness, related to American community information anchors, who discuss atrocities, degradation with the conviction of speaking about place of work gossip?

They are embarrassed, unpleasant, bothered only by the intrusion into their other tales, who will not involve brutality, wrenching violence.  

So, I go for a harmony.  Try to make it up in the write-up. But, I will not always sense one.  I speculate who cares?  And how do I care?   Do I produce that these can crack me, and conquer me with the relentlessness….the cruel realities of violence?

 I know the why’s, the how’s, the players, the victims, and it doesn’t adjust that for me.
 There are two realties, both cruel, both reduce me, one that I am saddened and damaged by violence, and two, that I know it will never adjust, and I know why it takes place, and why it has to transpire. 

Enable me straighten myself out here, wash my face, my fingers, for I am in the abyss.  Four bodies of unknown persons have been uncovered at dawn in Ensenada, in an area acknowledged as “Las Mallas De Garcia”, in the Elijido Jaramillio locale.  They have bullet wounds to the head.  They are carrying road apparel, and seem to have had they are fingers tied, certain, ahead of staying thrown on a grime highway.

The killings are done by gentlemen who have done them ahead of, and will once more. They will also fulfill a related fate, pretty several who bind fingers, and carry corpses, and the continue to dwelling useless, conclusion up as aged gentlemen, who recall the killings they did as youthful gentlemen. There is symmetry in loss of life, in killings. It is not karma, or at minimum I will not feel in it.  It’s only that blood washed with blood, will in no way wash out. 

The killings are doubtless linked to retail drug traffickers disputes for handle of territory, routes, plazas, spots of affect. The gentlemen will be locals of Baja, Sinaloa, and maybe Guerrero, Jalisco. The authorities will never announce any arrests, they will be examined, exhumed, buried. 

Glimpse at the picture, search at the gentlemen, search at their lifeless bodies. Enable the photographs stay with you, as you get the job done, drink, run, dance.  Let them enter into your desires, as they have mine, let the silence of the useless eat you with it truly is cries.  

The morning fog not nonetheless lifted, it looms above the scene, a hauntingly cruel portrait of a rural land, and the savagery of gentlemen who stroll in it.  

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