Autodefensas variety in Quintana Roo

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Reforma report

Topic Subject: Autodefensas
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Reporter: Benito Jimenez
A group of businessmen of Quintana Roo built-in yesterday to auto-defensas to combat the insecurity and corruption in the point out. “This venture of auto-defensas is quite significant. The violations of the regulation on the component of the Government are repetitive, we have the proof of the corruption, and the authorities refuse to act.”

“Not only are they not acting, they are attacking, intimidating and utilizing dying threats and executing individuals to cease the voices of Quintana Roo”, businessman Carlos Mimenza, who heads the group said to Reforma.

Mimenza introduced a movie in which he figures with one more five individuals, all in black, to promote that the auto-defensas will view the functionaries of the point out.

The initiative began with the participation of about twenty businessmen who said they felt betrayed by the new Governor, Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, for new acts of corruption like all those registered b in the final sexenio by Roberto Borge, detained in Panama.

“The development of this group which features two hundred individuals is ready to act when there is an attack against us or all those close to us”, warned Mimenza.

This was following the execution of Hector Casique Fernandez, who was less than the safety of The Govt Committee of Care for Victims, following having been declared a victim of the Mexican Point out.

Casique was a previous Municipal Policeman of Cancun, arrested in March of 2013, and forced less than torture, to pleading guilty to murder and arranged criminal offense. He put in much more than 3 decades in jail all through the administration of previous Governor Roberto Borge.

“The judiciary executed Hector”, declares Hectors mom, mainly because there are arrest warrant against forty three users of the courtroom of Quintana Roo, and Prosecutor Miguel Angel Pech Cen has not lawfully proceeded to execute these arrest warrants, not only has he not arrested them but promoted them”, claimed Mimenza.

” I have now gained a number of phone calls where I gained dying threats mainly because of publications of complaints I created on the World wide web, we have complaints against Roberto Borge and much more than 40 officials, we have political trials which are not adopted by way of in Congress even with evidence”, he lamented.

The employer denounced final March the recent Secretary of Finance and Organizing of Quintana Roo, Juan Melquiades Vergara Fernandez for embezzlement, revenue laundering, and illicit enrichment of revenue by way of the corporation Journey Channel.

He also promoted a political judgment in the Congress of the Union against Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez for alleged embezzlement and assaults on activists.

“This is not a phone to consider up arms at this time, it is a phone to arrange and manage a individual vigilance against the Governor, the officers of General public Prosecution and of the Court to cease them murdering and carrying out dying threats, they are going to be monitored mainly because we are going to protect ourselves, against any attack”, warned Mimenza.

He dominated out the participation of Jose Manuel Mireles in the QR autodefensas, whilst he acknowledged that he was an inspiration for the movement.

Quintana Roo Government responds

The Government of Quintana Roo said that the previous President Roberto Borge and his accomplices are less than investigation and the administration of Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez will not give any space for impunity.

“In relation to the statements and insults in social media, the Government of QR suggests that real transform is finished in the regulation and individuals respecting it. With the fight against impunity, there will be partner ship for all, so that individuals can are living much better lives”, said the Government in a statement.

“Primarily based on the allegations, investigations have been introduced against previous Government officials and as a final result Roberto Borge was arrested. His accomplices are also less than investigation”.

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