Day-to-day Turismo: The Renaulty Location: Assortment of Renaults

What is much better than a typical Renault available at an estate/garage/junk sale?  How about a collection of twenty of them available for who appreciates how significantly dollars.  Find this collection of Renaults available for an undisclosed sum of dollars in Monticello alongside with a 1980 Archer T5 duplicate for $12,500 by means of craigslist.  Idea from Munky.

The huge question with this “R5 Turbo Replica” is if it is a R5 design mid-engine turbo brute, or just some gradual outdated LeCar with a physique kit.  I’d get a decimal put off the inquiring price if this is just a LeCar…

Take a glance in the ad for a collection of other autos…would be wonderful to know situation and inquiring price.

Turismo En Mexico

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