El Beto of the Cartel Arellano Felix arrested in Tijuana

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Conquer from a Milenio article

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Things of the Baja California Police detained a person determined as El Beto, alleged leader of a mobile of the Cartel Arellano Felix. In a interaction, the Secretary of Point out General public Protection declared the successful detention deriving from intelligence perform of the referred to Police corporation.

He indicated that the detention was carried out at a targeted traffic circle at Simon Bolivar Avenue and Calle Tecate, in the Alba Roja Colonia, exactly where officials situated a Toyota Camry auto carrying the detained.

He referred that in the cabin they found a 9mm pistol, a spare journal and 24 rounds of ammunition, a further pistol of .22 calibre, they also found a bag that contained 4 packets with a bodyweight of 18 kilos of marijuana.

The person arrested responded to the name of Carlos Alberto N, 34 decades of age, who carried in the auto a sub-equipment gun of 5.seven mm calibre two two spare journals with 10 rounds in every. (Otis: possibly a FN P90.)

They also found a few other plastic deals which contained a white granular substance with the traits equivalent to the synthetic drug know was Ice, weighing three.nine kilos.

He famous that according to investigations, El Beto and various accomplices ended up focused to accumulating quotas for the sale of prescription drugs and executions of rival gang customers operating in the local colonias, whilst this can only be determined by the corresponding authority.

Authentic article in Spanish at Milenio

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