Land Reclamation in the Netherlands 1300 Vs 2000

Land Reclamation in the Netherlands 1300 Vs 2000

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The map comparison over shows what the land location of what tends to make up the Netherlands today, looked like in 1300 as opposed to what it looked like in 2000.

About seventeen% of the country’s present-day land location has been reclaimed from the sea or lakes.

You can see a gif of this course of action underneath:

Netherlands Land Reclamation Animation

And here’s a map demonstrating in the course of what time time period each location was reclaimed:

Netherlands Land Reclamation Timeline

In this article are a few additional specifics about land location of the Netherlands:

  • 26% of its location is found underneath sea level.
  • 21% of its inhabitants lives in regions underneath sea level.
  • Only fifty% of its location is additional than 1 meter over sea level.
  • Cheapest stage: Zuidplaspolder −7 m (−23 ft), underneath sea level.
  • Best stage (In Europe): Vaalserberg 322.7 m (1,059 ft) over sea level.
  • Flevoland is the most current Dutch province and was only established in 1986 on land that was most reclaimed in the nineteen fifties and 1960s.

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