US Condition Freeway Route Marker Shields

US State Highway Route Marker Shields

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The map higher than reveals the distinctive highway route marker shield designs made use of by just about every US state for their very own state highways.

Even though Interstate and US Numbered Highways use conventional designs across the state, but the identical can not be said of state highway markers.

A couple attention-grabbing information:

  • Pennsylvania’s layout is a keystone, after the state’s nickname.
  • Kansas makes use of a sunflower, which is the state flower.
  • Utah makes use of a beehive since it is known as the beehive state.
  • Washington makes use of a silhouette of George Washington’s bust.
  • New Hampshire’s layout is based mostly on the Outdated Man in the Mountain
  • New Mexico makes use of the default circle but adds a Zia solar image
  • California is the only state not to use a sq. or rectangle.
  • North Dakota’s “Red Tomahawk“ layout is bit by bit staying changed by the state’s define.
  • Colorado layout features their state flag.
  • 5 states (Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, and New Jersey) use the default shield
  • Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Ga, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, and Oklahoma all use their state’s define.

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