Becoming Healthful will Get rid of You

Residing in a balanced ecosystem is the very best way to guarantee that you die young. That might sound counter-intuitive but it appears to be borne out by the Geographic Information Lab’s new Accessibility to Healthful Assets and Hazards map.

The Accessibility to Healthful Assets and Hazards map displays the minimum and most balanced areas to reside in Excellent Britain. The Accessibility to Healthful Assets and Hazards (AHAH) is a new index for measuring how ‘healthy’ neighbourhoods are based mostly on the good quality of the ecosystem, for case in point neighborhood air air pollution. The index having said that also considers the relieve of access to well being solutions and the availability of ‘unhealthy’ retail shops, this sort of as rapid foods dining places and pubs.

You can analyze the AHAH map in element on the interactive map version at CDRC Maps.

The AHAH is an intriguing new way to evaluate how balanced an ecosystem actually is. For case in point, numerous folks consider of the countryside as becoming a balanced position to reside. However the AHAH index premiums numerous rural neighborhoods really inadequately due to the fact of their comparatively weak access to well being care solutions.

The AHAH map on the still left and the ONS lifetime expectancy map on the ideal

There could having said that be a flaw in the AHAH methodology. If we assess the AHAH map with the Business for Nationwide Stats lifetime expectancy maps numerous places which are proven to be balanced on the AHAH map have a really small lifetime expectancy. On the lifetime expectancy map you can see that the Scottish Central Belt, South Wales and the M62 corridor in the north of England all have places with some of the cheapest lifetime expectancy in Excellent Britain. On the AHAH map these places rating among some of the most balanced areas to reside.

Correlation is not causation but the AHAH map does look to suggest that residing in a balanced location could destroy you.

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