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Gearflogger reviews Knuckle Lights

We here at Gearflogger have manufactured finely tuned BSG detectors – that’s BullShit Equipment for the rest of you. Most products falls obviously into 1 class or the other: bullshit or not bullshit. Nevertheless when the Knuckle Lights arrived we had been perplexed. Bullshit or not?

Just immediately after assessments them out, they are obviously not bullshit. In point, for their slim and intended intent they are genuinely incredibly well designed to the location that we have constantly discovered new helps make use of for them. Knuckle Lights are designed for handling. Just location your fingers in them, activate the leading swap with your thumb and you are incredibly very good to go. 280 lumens with significant (4 hrs), lessened (8 hrs) and flashing significant modes give you loads of illumination for strolling, handling and climbing.

The designers obviously location some thought into the merchandise. This version is rechargeable by means of a USB base. The lights join magnetically to each and every other and to the base. The complete supply works jointly in a extremely slick and intuitive way. The housings are IPX-6 drinking water-evidence, so truly sense no charge to get out in the rain. Use equally similarly or split the pair among the two people today. The beam is usefully massive, and the implies to scan with equally similarly fingers without getting pointing your head like you have to with a headlamp is valuable.

The straps are resizable, and they even in very good form in a MOLLE configuration or join immediately to backpack straps, tent sleeves or whatsoever to depart your fingers entirely no charge. They’re also light enough we did not difficulty to bodyweight them. We had been genuinely offered when we identified we could use our USB photo voltaic panel to recharge them on the path for the length of the day for use at evening. Knuckle Lights are valuable in tactics that complement headlamps and other handheld lights, two thumbs up!

$59.99 at Amazon

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