Civil War vs Civil Rights

Caroline Klibanoff of Northeastern College has developed an interactive map which shows where the southern states have memorialized the Civil War and the Civil Rights Motion in road names. She has analyzed 6.8 million road names to find all those streets named for Confederate and Civil Rights Motion leaders.

In General public Memory and Street Names in the South Caroline shows these Confederate and Civil Rights Motion named streets on just one interactive map. The result is an amazingly perfectly well balanced map, with 1,132 streets named for Confederate leaders and 1,118 named for Civil Rights leaders.

Caroline’s investigation into road names features an interactive map which shows streets named ‘Dixie’ all through the United States. This map reveals that the South has 1,000 Dixie named streets, although the North has just 72.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has identified more than 1,500 symbols of the Confederacy in general public spaces, generally in the southern United States. These consist of not just roads named for Confederate leaders and battles but statues, memorials and faculties as perfectly. In Whose Heritage? General public Symbols of the Confederacy the SPLC has integrated an interactive map exhibiting the location of these Confederate symbols and memorials. The map works by using color coded markers to clearly show which are monuments, which are faculties and which are roads.

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