Maps Mania: Exploring Trump’s Wall

Expose from the Heart for Investigative Reporting has been collecting knowledge on the US-Mexico border for a quantity of years. They have spent a long time mapping the existing border fence employing satellite imagery and govt PDF maps of the border.

From this knowledge Expose has uncovered that around 700 miles of the 1,954 mile long U.S.-Mexico border is already fenced. Trump’s new wall will for that reason need to be at the very least 1,300 miles long. That is a whole lot of Chinese steel. You can check out Reveal’s work on their The Wall interactive map. The map reveals the latest fence and reveals exactly where it is a ‘vehicular’ and exactly where it is a ‘pedestrian’ fence. The map also reveals exactly where no fence currently exists.

You can get a very good sense of the scale of construction wanted to build Trump’s new wall in a movie from the Intercept. The Intercept downloaded and stitched with each other 200,000 satellite visuals to create a substantial strip map of the U.S.-Mexican border. You can check out this strip map in Visualizing the U.S.-Mexico Border, a brief movie which pans alongside the total border.

Yet another interactive map of Trump’s proposed wall also exists. Doug McCune has employed Mapbox GL to create a 3d map of Trump’s wall. The wall on this map is coloured in a patriotic pink, white and blue. On the other hand the scale of the wall is possibly a little out (it seems to be at the very least 10 miles large on Doug’s map).

From Donald Trump’s ‘detailed’ construction plans we know that the Trump Wall will be up to 15 meters large, designed of concrete and steel (but also possibly fencing) and will be 1,954 miles long. If you are obtaining problem envisioning just how far 1,954 miles is then you can use the Berliner Morgenpost’s interactive map. The Trump Wall Comparison Map allows you to overlay an outline of Trump’s proposed border wall concerning the Usa and Mexico on any locale on Earth.

If you want to create your personal Trump Wall map then you can get Reveal’s knowledge for the US-Mexico border fence on Github. You can read through more about how this knowledge was gathered and mapped in the Expose report The Wall: Setting up a steady US-Mexico barrier would be a tall order.

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