Mexico’s Govt Is Blocking Its Personal Anti-Corruption Drive, Commissioners Say – Mexico Institute

12/2/2017 The New York Occasions

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MEXICO Town — Mexico’s landmark anti-corruption drive, inaugurated by President Enrique Peña Nieto underneath extreme force to reply the scandals jolting his administration, is becoming blocked by the government’s refusal to cooperate on some of the largest situations facing the country, in accordance to members of the fee coordinating the hard work.

Attempts to glance into the use of government surveillance technology against civilians, the embezzlement of tens of millions of pounds via public universities and allegations of common bribery to acquire construction contracts have all been thwarted, fee members say.

Marred by scandals that have embroiled his administration, his allies and even his individual relatives, Mr. Peña Nieto agreed to the creation of a wide anti-corruption procedure last year that was enshrined in the Structure, a watershed second in Mexico.

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