Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.07 Goes Reside, Delivers Minor Fixes

As uncovered yesterday, the most up-to-date update for GT Sport has long gone reside right away.

Though labelled as v1.07, this 253.6MB update is not the predicted December content expansion. Somewhat it is an interim patch to correct mysteriously undescribed issues, and highlighted as an “emergency update”.

The patch notes for v1.07 read:

This update will tackle the subsequent issues:

1. Physics Simulation Design
– Management management for the TCS will be modified to elevate stability at corner exits with throttle ON.

2. Various other issues have been resolved to improve stability.

Whilst this update isn’t substantial more than enough to have any added content, it is possible that there will be a range of modest, undocumented variations way too.

In addition to this patch, Polyphony Digital has taken the prospect to make other changes during the upkeep period.

For starters it has modified the scheduling for the Each day Races. These are now as follows:

・Daily Race A: Hosted every 15 minutes, 3 races for each hour.
・Daily Race B: Hosted every 15 minutes, 3 races for each hour.
・Daily Race C: Hosted every 25 minutes, 2 races for each hour.

It has also executed a modification to the Driving Ranking procedure. This, it says, will “more appropriately divide the gamers by their skill”.

Featured impression courtesy of sebmugi.

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