Map of the 7 days: Paris Election Map, 1869

Cartographers have been striving to figure out how to very best present election maps for a lengthy time. In this article in the United States, the typical county map can badly characterize vote totals when big counties with little populations dominate the map. In 1860’s Paris, a cartographer named Louis Montigny employed this exciting technique to map the city’s neighborhoods.

A square centimeter represents 1000 votes, with the political get-togethers color coded. This obviously reveals who gained just about every neighborhood but also presents a excellent photograph of how well just about every celebration carried out. Yellow represents the governing celebration of Napoleon III, although opposition get-togethers are colored blue, pink and purple. Socialists are orange. Viewing the full city, there are some really obvious designs of energy and weaknesses of the different get-togethers.

As you technique the city’s edge, the bigger, much less populated neighborhoods get the appropriate degree of visible prominence.

I found out this map on Cartographia, a web site has been inactive for several decades. The web site write-up illustrates the historic great importance of this map as it reveals the beginning of the decline of Napoleon III’s empire. His celebration was obviously getting rid of well-known aid as proven by the absence of yellow on a lot of this map. Shortly right after this election he commenced a war with Prussia in buy to strengthen his legitimacy. The Franco-Prussian War was a catastrophe for France and spelled the stop of the Second Empire. A detailed heritage can be found on the web site write-up.

See a big, large resolution variation of the map here.

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