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Nowadays marks the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, which took put when a French cargo ship laden with explosives collided with an additional ship in Halifax Harbour. The resulting blast killed about 2,000 persons and devastated the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia it was the greatest synthetic explosion of the pre-nuclear age.

Maps Mania points to a few of interactive maps of the explosion developed by Canadian news media. CBC News’s A Metropolis Ruined: Expertise the Halifax Explosion 100 Years Afterwards is a little bit more than-developed, with 360-degree video clip and a non-clickable map that immediately segues into a 3D setting with constrained interactivity. (It also pegs just one of my CPU cores.) World-wide News’s interactive map is a lot more modest in scope: produced by Patrick Cain, it is a Google Maps mashup that points to the recognized addresses of these killed by the explosion. (Casualties in Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax, are not mapped for the reason that the information weren’t available.)

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