A Journey Together a Greenland River

The New York Periods desires to acquire you on a journey down a Greenland river. A journey which can help make clear how melting ice sheets can lead to a increase in world sea concentrations. In Greenland Melts, Where’s the Drinking water Heading? the NYT takes advantage of drone pictures of Greenland to aid make clear how meltwater rivers stream by means of the ice sheets and into the sea.

As you scroll by means of the story map you are taken on a journey alongside a Greenland river. On this journey you will working experience how meltwater from Greenland’s ice collects and drains to variety rivers. You will see how these rivers carve a route by means of the ice sheet and how the rivers sooner or later drain into the ocean and lead to soaring sea concentrations.

Soon after you have concluded this journey alongside a Greenland river the New York Periods discusses the value of new exploration which implies that the ice sheets keep some of the meltwater from melting ice sheets. This new discovery ought to aid make improvements to climate scientists’ knowing of soaring sea concentrations and aid to refine our climate styles.

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