Investigators seize vehicle potentially linked to lethal Border Patrol attack

Investigators observed Agent Rogelio Martinez with a lethal head harm on Nov. 18. Agent Steven Garland also had injuries to his head.

An application for a research warrant states investigators sought brothers who could be related to the attack. That led them to Portales where they interviewed one of the brothers.

In that interview, agents realized that the brother was picked up in a 2004 silver Pontiac Grand Am in the place of Presidio, Texas, one day immediately after the agent’s death.

Courtroom documents present agents interviewed a girl who was also in the vehicle at the time the brother was picked up. She explained to investigators she overheard one brother speaking about the movement of medicine across the border, the documents state.

One brother also admitted to getting in the United States illegally, in accordance to the documents.

The Grand Am is now at an Albuquerque criminal offense lab to be examined.

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