20 calendar year anniversary of the tragedy of Acteal


Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Defeat from Reforma and La Journada content articles

Topic Make a difference: Massacre of 45 adult males gals and small children by Authorities companies
Advice: No prior matter make a difference understanding necessary

The poster reads, welcome to the sacred land of the Martyrs of Acteal. A internet site of conscience, house of memory and of hope. 20 decades of impunity, 25 decades of corporation

Reporter: Edgar Hernandez
Now, routines began to commemorate the Acteal massage that occurred 20 decades ago in the municipality of Chenalho, Chiapas, in which 45 indigenous men and women died. Survivors, family of the victims and organizations headed by “Las Abejas”, to which the victims belonged, nowadays began a working day of routines that will previous three times to keep in mind the tragedy.

At noon they began with a prayer in Tsotsil, but the routines included spiritual ceremonies, cultural situations, creative presentations, documentaries, pilgrimages, pronouncements and a well-known dance.

It is anticipated that Jan Jarab, Agent in Mexico of the UN Higher Commissioner for Human Rights, will take part for the duration of the conferences as well as the Bishop of the Diocese of Saltillo, Coahuila, Raul Vera.

Just previous December the 10th, the pacifist corporation “Las Abejas”, to which the 45 victims assassinated on December 22nd, 1997 belonged, turned 25 decades of its foundation.

In a communique issued on the event of its anniversary, they explained that they arose just after 5 of his comrades had been produced just after currently being accused of murder by the then PRI municipal authorities of Chenalho.

“We understood that when structured, we could do points and reach fantastic points and, one particular of these tangible achievements was the liberation of our comrades, simply because they had been harmless.”

They regretted that in 25 decades, conflicts prevail in indigenous communities, encouraged by the Authorities, this kind of as the territorial dispute in between the Chenalho and Chalchiuitan, which has produced the displacement of lots of men and women who are suffering from hunger and chilly.

The insecurity that a thing quite unfortunate can come about to them like the Acteal massacre, they warned. In a document of 4 webpages, the compelled disappearances, some committed by the Mexican State, had been affirmed. In addition, they shown versus the Regulation of Interior Protection and in aid of Jesus Patricio Martinez, independent candidate for the Presidency of Mexico.

La Journada described on the incident at the time
The Acteal Massacre, the fruits of a condition coverage versus indigenous men and women ( Otis: This appears to be a frequent occurrence in Mexico, when one particular takes into account the vehicle defensas of Michoacan).

The killing of 45 indiginous men and women in Acteal, Chiapas on December 22nd 1997, was the end result of the official coverage adopted to punish and dismantle the indigenous men and women of San Pedro Chenalho who adopted a route of resistance and the development of their individual Authorities. ( Otis: as allowed in the Mexican Structure).

Documenting the role of the condition establishments in that area in the escalation of violence in Chenalho, will allow us to recognize the official accountability in the massacre, perpetrated by paramilitaries, safeguarded and armed by civilian and army authorities.

Acteal’s crime was portion of an undeclared war structured by the State Community Safety Council, in which federal and condition companies participated. Under a army logic there had been decided packages and investments in the indigenous spots.

The Authorities encouraged or artificially designed land, political or spiritual conflicts to confront the communities and as a result justify army intervention.

The council, directed in the details by the Seventh Navy Location, underneath the command of General Mario Renan Castillo, designed in September 1997 the community stability committees in the communities of Chenalho, integrated with the users of the armed anti-Zapatista teams.

Safeguarded by condition law enforcement and by the military, these committees founded a regime of terror, though marketing packages and distributing condition and federal help. The paramilitary experiment began in the northern zone in 1995, with Paz and Justicia, then exported to the Highlands and the jungle.

The government secretary of the Protection Council, Jorge Hernandez Aguilar, in addition to eradicating the traces of the Acteal massacre, led various attacks on Zapatisita peoples. He even fired from a helicopter in San Pedro Nixtalucum, in March 1997. In this way, the Authorities developed peace in Chiapas, sowing social polarization and terror.

Use of official packages

The Authorities of Julio Cesar Ruiz Ferro reinforced this coverage to co-choose or dismantle the opposition organizations. The social packages of wellbeing, training, housing and community companies had been subordinated to the objective of profitable the war of attrition versus the Zapatista communities.

For case in point, the agent of the Secretariat of Interest to Indigenous Peoples (Seapi) in the Protection Council was Pedro de Meza, lawyer of the paramilitary group Los Chinchulines, of the municipality of Chilon and political arm of the director os Seapi, Antonio Perez Hernandez, cacique of Chenalho.

Due to the fact May well 1997, with the violence in Yaxemel and the initially refugees, arms trafficking and instruction camps began. Involving September and December, these paramilitaries introduced numerous armed attacks versus the Zapatista sympathizers, who defended on their own in Majomut and Chimix. Apparently, the law enforcement founded camps in these towns just after the attacks. Just after the violence in Chimix, in October, exactly where properties had been burned and looted, a army social gathering stopped the PRI’s with an AK47 rifle in their arms Captain German Parra freed them simply because they belonged to the PRI.

The council, army intelligence and the National Protection and Exploration Centre offered stories, diagnoses and proposals on the distinct areas of the conflict zone. Coincidentally, MIRA ( Movimiento Indigena Revolucionario Antizapatista) emerged, a kind of federation of paramilitary teams that operate in numerous areas of the condition with the consent of officials and army.

In the area of Los Altos, the Seapi was in demand of marketing counterinsurgency. Its housing development application served to attract up lists in communities and mark houses, prior to paramilitary attacks.

As of November of that calendar year, the intelligence do the job was intensified by means of the stability committees, which coordinate all the aid to the communities by means of Seapi. In that device the paramilitary chiefs achieved usually with Hernandez Guilar, Uriel Jarquin, a Colonel of Cisen and other army intelligence officers.

Other proof of authorities responsibilites

The CNDH proposed sanctioning 17 condition authorities officials for their actions in Acteal. Four of them had been consigned, 11 a lot more had been disqualified, among them the governor.

In the documents of the PGR the initially Captain German Parra is included in the protection of the paramilitaries. Features from the 38 Infantry Battalion had been also included. Some of its users or former users this kind of as Mariano Arias Perez, Pablo Hernandez Perez and Antonio Santiz Lopez had been accused of instruction and advertising weapons utilised in the Acteal massacre. Santiz Lopez, deemed the chief of the paramilitaries, was produced inspite of the proof versus him.

The statements of the detained condition law enforcement officers verified that the stability forces safeguarded, armed and supported the paramilitaries, even transported the weapons utilised in the massacre in automobiles of the Community Protection law enforcement, and participated in the robberies committed by armed civilians.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Orozco, director of Community Protection, now a fugitive from justice, declared that ” he was informed that a member of the Army, Captain German Parra returned to helpful Indians an AK47 and an AR15.

Army officers and condition and federal authorities supported the functions of the perpetrators of the Acteal massacre. This was stated by Roberto Arcos Jiminez, an agent of the State Community Prosecutors Business who was arrested by the PGR. The official explained that the users of the Mixed Functions Bases in Chenalho, in demand of the Mexican Army, safeguarded the armed civilian teams. Arcos denounced Army officers and condition officials: Captain Parra Salgado, from 38 Battalion Eduardo Tamez, official of the PGR in Chiapas Carlos Vidal, official of the condition judicial law enforcement, and the law enforcement commander Misael Lopez, of the BOM of Pantelho.

Roberto Arcos denounced that on one particular event they astonished armed PRI users in La Esperanza, but that Captain Parra gave the buy to no cost them. ” I told Captain Parra that we experienced to consign these men and women he responded in a threatening tone that he did not report just about anything, that they understood how that problem was likely to be solved to be silent, or else I would get “heated” or I would disappear.”

According to the PGR investigations, at least three officers of the Mexican Army made available protection and probable instruction to the perpetrators of the massacre. All had been transferred to the army area of Veracruz and the Navy Justice Business froze the investigation.

Victims of the Acteal Massacre

The incarcerated law enforcement officers and Arcos Jimenez claimed to have obtained guidelines to secure the armed teams of Jorge Gamboa Solis, Jose Luis Rodriguez Orozco, heads of the Community Protection law enforcement, and Jorge Hernandez Aguilar.

These components are just portion of the proof that qualified prospects to the conclusion that the Acteal massacre is a condition crime. A thorough investigation is desired to do justice and judge the role of the federal and condition governments.


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